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At Ideal Beauty Alliance , we formulating goods to meet the requirements

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Thanks to the large amount of tailored products created each year for our various customers, our Research & Development Department has obtained extensive knowledge in formulating goods to meet the requirements of our customers, regardless of how varied their product may be.

With in-depth laboratory assessment and stability testing, our chemists are continually in contact with the recent trends and use a vast collection of creative resources to undertake studies to dedicate and perfect our client formulations. We guarantee not only significant quality and secure implementation, but through cruel-free testing technique, product effectiveness.

Our Research & Development laboratory has the finest equipment to assist us determine all appropriate color, odor, pH, density and viscosity values. This information is the foundation for our recipes and product development of high quality.

We also conduct the following tests in our labs to guarantee the stability and effectiveness of the formulations:

Microbiology Testing

Microbiology testing facilities assist to minimize the danger of future microbial harm and to guarantee that the microbiological quality of your products is retained Microbiology testing services are a key requirement in many sectors around the world where products, procedures and human health are at danger of adversely affecting the existence and breeding of microorganisms such as particular pathogens

Stability Test

The aim of cosmetic product stability testing is to guarantee that a fresh or altered product meets the expected requirements of physical, chemical and microbiological quality as well as functionality and aesthetics when stored under suitable circumstances. Because the cosmetic product development cycle is comparatively brief, each company should design their own stability testing program in such a way that it is economically sensible and addresses the necessary tests effectively.

Packaging Compatibility Test

Packaging Compatibility Test